Monday, April 6, 2009

One Lucky Girl

Make that TWO lucky girls- Kylie and her friend Morgan! They attended a prescreening yesterday of the Hannah Montana movie that comes out this Friday. Daddy had won tickets for the event through BP (who has a partnership with Disney). The girls had a great time with their popcorn, drink and private movie showing! Morgan gave Kylie one of the dolls from the new movie as a thank you gift for bringing her also which just added to Kylie's morning!

We made it through about an hour of the actual movie when Kylie asked to go home. As much as she's getting more into stuff like Hannah Montana (her "favorite rockstar") I know she's still got at least some of our "little" girl left in her. As we were walking to the car, Kylie quietly said to me that she had asked to leave because she just didn't really understand what was going on - that it wasn't like a Backyardigans movie or something. So as much as sometimes Mommy thinks Kylie is already so grown up, it's times like that that bring her a smile and a sigh that it's not happening QUITE as fast as it seems :)!

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