Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life lesson # 582

Never put a soap dispenser in the dishwasher.


I just had to share this one!

This morning Kylie showed me a scrape on the top of her foot and said "You know what that means? You need to be very careful with me because I'm fragile."

For those of you that know Kylie, fragile is the LAST word that comes to mind for her! She is very rough and tough for a little girl and is ALWAYS covered in bumps and bruises!

What a silly girl!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peyton's Baptism

I don't think we ever shared photos from Peyton's baptism in January. It wasn't the greatest time of the year weatherwise for the event, but I really wanted to have it before I went back to work on Feb. 4. We lucked out and didn't have a snowstorm or bitter cold temps! Thank you to Uncle Mark and my good friend Becky for honoring us by accepting to be Peyton's godparents! And thanks to Becky for flying in all the way from PA to share in the special day!

Birthday Superstars!

The Party

Here are some more shots of the "birthday party" portion of Kylie's birthday.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Mel!

We hope you have a great day today!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank You Oma!

For all of our great souvenirs from Jamaica! I'm partial to my Jamaican rum but the kids clothes and stuff were neat too :)!

First Laughs

It's official- we are proud to report that Peyton has started laughing. And it is HILARIOUS!

She has laughed a bit here and there over the past few weeks but tonight she was CRACKING UP! I had her on my lap on the bed and Kylie was just standing in the room waving one of her many magic wands. Peyton was just staring at her and then started laughing over and over again. She loves Kylie so much! If there is anyone that can make Peyton grin ear to ear it's Kylie. When Kylie started being extra silly and dropping the wand Peyton though that was even funnier! We didn't get it on video as we were laughing too hard to do much of anything else but we'll be ready to capture it next time for you.

I needed that laugh tonight- no matter how crazy kids make us they are always there to make us smile even more!

A bad reaction

With the awsome weather we're had all week-upper 70s, YEAH!- also comes all the adjustments to what we keep at school. But no worries, if we forget anything for too long the teachers will be sure to leave us "love notes" to remind us of what we've forgotten. Spare clothing needs to be "weather appropriate", only closed toe shoes must be worn etc etc. But my favorite is the official "sunscreen permission slip" that must be completed along with bringing in sunscreen to have lathered all over Kylie each time the class ventures outside.

Well, today was not a good day in the sunscreen department for Kylie. I thought I was Super Mom as I remembered to bring the completed sunscreen form as well as a bottle of spray-on Banana Boat for Kids to her class today. So I thought. About 11:00 I received a call from the school that Kylie had broken out in an awful rash with red raised splotches everywhere they had applied the sunscreen! Poor thing! Luckily it cleared up throughout the day after her teachers washed it all off.

I'm a bit puzzled as Kylie's skin as always been a bit on the fair/sensitive side but she has never had such a bad reaction to lotions, soaps or sunscreens. Hmmmm...

So of course Pete and I are sunscreen experts after googling the topic to read up on it and figure out if we needed to make a Dr. appt or do anything for Kylie's rash tonight. Here's what we found out: "Fortunately, allergic reaction to sunscreen is very uncommon and, if one does occur, it is generally a minor reversible skin rash. This is in sharp contrast to the potentially serious type of allergy that can occur in reaction to certain foods, such as shellfish or peanuts." So to paraphrase, "it's not good but noone is off to the hospital". That's all I needed to know :).

Here's a link I thought I'd share with some tips on sun safety for little ones:

Full of Love in her new outfit!

Here is Kylie modeling one of the very cute outfits on Tuesday before school that she got for her birthday.

Thanks Uncle Mark, Aunt Mel & Connor!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coco Key Water Fun!

Here are some more photos of everyone at Coco Key Water Resort! Kylie and Connor seemed to be just the right age to have a GREAT time but I can see how a place like that would be fun for them for many years to come too! Plus Peyton already has the lay of the land so she will be off and running next time! Anyone up for a next time?! Sounds perfect for when the next bitter cold winter hits- the Coco margaritas are great for warming you up too :)!

Birthday Weekend Bloopers

The Key Quest Arcade

Here are some photos of the kids (big and small!) having fun at the Key Quest Arcade on Saturday night!

Happy Earth Day!

As today is Earth Day we should all reflect on how much we tend to take our existence on the planet earth for granted. It is not something that will just last forever if we don't step up and do what we can do, as little as it may seem, to conserve and preserve its' valuable resources.

Here is a link to just one thing we can all do when it comes to properly disposing of old cell phones, computers etc- electronic items in general.

4th and Final Day of Kylie's 4th Birthday Bash!

Sunday was the last hurrah of Kylie's 4th birthday and we went out with a bang! We went to the waterpark again for most of the day and by early afternoon even Kylie didn't object to heading home! But not before she and Connor enjoyed a treat of Dippin Dots!

Everyone had a great time. Thanks Grandma B. for sharing in Kylie's birthday with her and the helping hands with everyone! Thanks Uncle Mark and Connor for driving up and spending time with us- it was great to see you! Next time we'll head down your way! And thanks to everyone again for Kylie's awesome birthday gifts- she loved them all!

Day Three- Kylie's 4th Birthday Bash!


Saturday was the big day that Kylie had been waiting for- her 4th birthday on April "19"! By noon we were off to the Clock Tower Hotel in Rockford (about an hour from us) to spend the night.

The main event was http://www.cocokeywaterresort.com/index.php?/Rockford/index/ attached to the hotel that we were going to enjoy for 2 days! Everyone had a blast! Even little Peyton was in her swimsuit and loved the water and all of the excitement!

We were at the waterpark for most of the day except for when Daddy and I snuck away to bring the Key West/beach party theme to our room. We were so excited to then gather up the troops and head back to the room to have cake and open presents. Kylie and Connor were both pretty tired at that point but still managed to have a great time at the birthday party! After that we took them down to the Key Quest Arcade where they had so much fun playing games like skeeball, Deal or No Deal, Swamp Stomp and the various "prize claw" games.

Daddy and Uncle Mark ran out for the little ones favorite dinner (McDonald's happy meals) and after those it was pretty much lights out for all of us to gear up for Day 2 of wet and wild fun!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silly weekend Peyton moments (compliments of Grandma B.)

These photos are of moments this weekend when Grandma B. was left alone with Peyton! Just give her a minute or two and she is sure to entertain little Peyton more than we have in 5 months!

Photo 1: As we were gettting things together to leave the house on Saturday morning, I peeked over the balcony from upstairs and here is what I saw. Peyton and Grandma B. playing dolls (or playing "babies" as Kylie calls it) but this time Peyton was the doll in the stroller!

Photo 2: Looks like we have another Princess on our hands!

Photo 3: This is what I saw when I jumped in the car to drive us home from the waterpark tonight. I think Grandma B. thought it was an extra sunny day and wanted to make sure Peyton's eyes were extra protected from it!

Day Two- Kylie's 4th Birthday Bash!

Friday was Kylie's birthday day at school so armed with 20 Strawberry Shortcake goodie bags we were on our way! We stopped to pick up b-day cupcakes for her class and I got Kylie a Care Bear birthday balloon at the checkout. Kylie and her balloon were definitely the main attraction of her daycare when we walked in. There is something about little kids and balloons- they are like magnets!

I had planned to pick Kylie up after naptime to get an early start on her birthday weekend and to have more time to play with Connor. But I hadn't told Kylie about getting picked up early so she was ecstatic as she opened her eyes after nap and standing in her classroom were Mommy, Grandma B., Uncle Mark and Connor. We had a great afternoon of going for ice cream and playing at the park! We also surprised Kylie with more birthday balloons at home of all of her favorites- Disney Princess, Strawberry Shortcake and lots of pinks and purples! After that was basically bathtime, playing at our place and bedtime as we would be leaving for the weekend in the morning. But it was definitely another fun filled day!

Happy Birthday Cousin Eric!

We hope you had a great 3rd birthday yesterday!