Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silly weekend Peyton moments (compliments of Grandma B.)

These photos are of moments this weekend when Grandma B. was left alone with Peyton! Just give her a minute or two and she is sure to entertain little Peyton more than we have in 5 months!

Photo 1: As we were gettting things together to leave the house on Saturday morning, I peeked over the balcony from upstairs and here is what I saw. Peyton and Grandma B. playing dolls (or playing "babies" as Kylie calls it) but this time Peyton was the doll in the stroller!

Photo 2: Looks like we have another Princess on our hands!

Photo 3: This is what I saw when I jumped in the car to drive us home from the waterpark tonight. I think Grandma B. thought it was an extra sunny day and wanted to make sure Peyton's eyes were extra protected from it!

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