Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Laughs

It's official- we are proud to report that Peyton has started laughing. And it is HILARIOUS!

She has laughed a bit here and there over the past few weeks but tonight she was CRACKING UP! I had her on my lap on the bed and Kylie was just standing in the room waving one of her many magic wands. Peyton was just staring at her and then started laughing over and over again. She loves Kylie so much! If there is anyone that can make Peyton grin ear to ear it's Kylie. When Kylie started being extra silly and dropping the wand Peyton though that was even funnier! We didn't get it on video as we were laughing too hard to do much of anything else but we'll be ready to capture it next time for you.

I needed that laugh tonight- no matter how crazy kids make us they are always there to make us smile even more!

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