Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Birthday Bicycle

As most of you know, this Saturday is Kylie's 4th birthday! Awhile back Pete and I decided a "big girl" bike (I mean "bicycle" as Kylie insists it is called) would be her biggest b-day gift this year. So last week we all headed to Toys R Us to get Kylie fitted for (yes, just like for a pair of shoes, who knew?!) and pick out her new bike.

Kylie overheard the cashier say that her bike would be assembled next Wednesday and ready for pick up. So ever since early last week she has been waiting for today. Immediately as she opened her big blue eyes this morning her entire face lit up with the realization that it was finally WEDNESDAY- the day she would get her new bicycle!

So of course I called the store this afternoon to check on it, and sure enough it was all ready for us to pick up. No sooner did Peyton and I pull into the driveway tonight and there was Kylie- amazingly all finished with dinner and ready to hop into my Jeep which she knew was the bigger car needed to pick up her bike!

Off Daddy and Kylie went to Toys R Us and as soon as they got back home, off Kylie went on her first ride. It couldn't have been a more perfect evening for a bike ride too- nice and warm with the sun still shining. Wow- sometimes we catch a break and things actually work out as planned :)!

Above are some pictures of Kylie enjoying her new ride!

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Ty's Mommy said...

A big girl bike!!! Congrats, Kylie! Have fun this weekend for your birthday! She looks great on the bike and like a wonderful kid!