Friday, April 11, 2008

Falling apart

So hopefully I'm not at the mid-point of my life at only 33, but lately it feels like I am at some kind of point where everything is falling apart.

Today was not fun. I had some "procedures" done on both of my feet this morning that I'd been putting off for at least 5 years. It was quite painful but after having 2 kids I tend to compare everything to that and somehow it makes whatever it is not so painful :)! I'm managing by slowly hobbling along, but Spike and Kylie will definitely be leaving me in their dust for a few days!

I was also supposed to have my annual eye exam this afternoon but I postponed that until Mon. night. I didn't need dialated eyes and the headaches etc that usually come with that as well as being faced with the fact that I can't see the BIG "E" again. My "feet" appointment was more than enough to deal with for one day!

And then there's tomorrow. I have a dentist appt. to have a root canal done as well as multiple fillings replaced. After that appointment and 4-5 more, my annual dental "maintenance" should be complete!

So as you can see, I seem to be at one of those crossroads in life where multiple things feel like they're falling apart and need to be fixed. Maybe a spa day is in my near future as my reward for taking care of all of these things- did you hear that Daddy :)?!


Dad said...

Thanks to your blog for telling me your had work done on your feet. Good luck on your dental work tomorrow!

You say you sometimes think you're falling apart. Hey, thanks. You made me feel pretty good, expecially since I'm 26 years older than you.

Do you appreciate your mom and dad more? We went through all of this in the same but different ways. The good news is that you've raised children for 4 years already. The bad (not really bad-you know what I mean) news is that you only have to do this probably 22+ years yet. Ha. I mean that's when Peyton will be post college. Hang in their kid. You'll survive. Everyone does. Take care.

Ty's Mommy said...

No way and I reading this! I know you are not falling apart! The only reason you need work done on your feet is because of all those uncomfortable, cheap shoes we used to wear when we went out! And your teeth have been used for 33 years straight! Try driving a car for that long without a trip to the mechanic!