Friday, April 11, 2008

Too "stinky" to play with

Here's a funny one from this morning-

We all headed out to school and work at the CRACK of dawn this morning as we left Daddy's car at the school last night to do some errands together and forgot to pick it up. So the gang was all off together this morning so Daddy could pick up his car and be on his way!

So I had Peyton in the playpen as we were trying to get everything together for the day and she happened to fill her diaper with "you know what". Well, Kylie was over by her and was trying to give her some rattles, etc to play with but then determined that, "I want to play with Peyton but she's just too stinky to play with right now" and was cracking herself up!

It's so neat to see them interacting and "playing" together. You can already tell they have a special connection and I can't wait for all of the fun and special times to come that they will have together- if Peyton isn't too stinky that is :)!

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