Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day Three- Kylie's 4th Birthday Bash!


Saturday was the big day that Kylie had been waiting for- her 4th birthday on April "19"! By noon we were off to the Clock Tower Hotel in Rockford (about an hour from us) to spend the night.

The main event was http://www.cocokeywaterresort.com/index.php?/Rockford/index/ attached to the hotel that we were going to enjoy for 2 days! Everyone had a blast! Even little Peyton was in her swimsuit and loved the water and all of the excitement!

We were at the waterpark for most of the day except for when Daddy and I snuck away to bring the Key West/beach party theme to our room. We were so excited to then gather up the troops and head back to the room to have cake and open presents. Kylie and Connor were both pretty tired at that point but still managed to have a great time at the birthday party! After that we took them down to the Key Quest Arcade where they had so much fun playing games like skeeball, Deal or No Deal, Swamp Stomp and the various "prize claw" games.

Daddy and Uncle Mark ran out for the little ones favorite dinner (McDonald's happy meals) and after those it was pretty much lights out for all of us to gear up for Day 2 of wet and wild fun!!

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