Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A bad reaction

With the awsome weather we're had all week-upper 70s, YEAH!- also comes all the adjustments to what we keep at school. But no worries, if we forget anything for too long the teachers will be sure to leave us "love notes" to remind us of what we've forgotten. Spare clothing needs to be "weather appropriate", only closed toe shoes must be worn etc etc. But my favorite is the official "sunscreen permission slip" that must be completed along with bringing in sunscreen to have lathered all over Kylie each time the class ventures outside.

Well, today was not a good day in the sunscreen department for Kylie. I thought I was Super Mom as I remembered to bring the completed sunscreen form as well as a bottle of spray-on Banana Boat for Kids to her class today. So I thought. About 11:00 I received a call from the school that Kylie had broken out in an awful rash with red raised splotches everywhere they had applied the sunscreen! Poor thing! Luckily it cleared up throughout the day after her teachers washed it all off.

I'm a bit puzzled as Kylie's skin as always been a bit on the fair/sensitive side but she has never had such a bad reaction to lotions, soaps or sunscreens. Hmmmm...

So of course Pete and I are sunscreen experts after googling the topic to read up on it and figure out if we needed to make a Dr. appt or do anything for Kylie's rash tonight. Here's what we found out: "Fortunately, allergic reaction to sunscreen is very uncommon and, if one does occur, it is generally a minor reversible skin rash. This is in sharp contrast to the potentially serious type of allergy that can occur in reaction to certain foods, such as shellfish or peanuts." So to paraphrase, "it's not good but noone is off to the hospital". That's all I needed to know :).

Here's a link I thought I'd share with some tips on sun safety for little ones:

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