Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cute Questions

Thought I'd share some of Kylie's questions of the day as we were driving to school this morning (late as usual!). I know I'll miss these types of questions when she's older and acts like she knows more than me about everything!

Mommy, what land is this? (Some pretty sarcastic answers came to my mind right away like , "You'd think Mars by the way people are driving this morning!".) But after determining she meant she had just forgotten what city we lived in, I think I was able to answer her with confidence :).

Mommy, why does Spike eat bones? I can see where her confusion comes from because the definition of bones to her are: dinosaur bones, skeleton bones, legs/arms, etc. The picture of Spike eating those isn't a pretty one! I think my explanation as far as what Milkbone dog bones were satisfied her, but mental note: stick to saying dog "treats"!

Mommy, can I wear your pretty ring today? She really meant the pink bracelet I was wearing to work today. How could I refuse that little voice? So I said "of course" and passed it back to her. It was so cute because it was too big for her wrist of course so she held her arm in just the right position walking to her classroom to show how careful she was being to have it not fall off (at least when I was still standing there!)

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Ty's Mommy said...

I was sitting there last night when Tyler said something and thought "I should keep track of these." I am happy to read that you have the same thoughts! I guess great minds think alike and lets hope they started the same way these kids are!