Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 20, 2009

I feel as if we've been talking about this date for months and it's much anticipated arrival is just hours away...

Kylie's first day of Kindergarten!

Tis the season of school supplies, lunch menus & bus routes but for the first time we're in the middle of all of the action too! At this point I think Kylie's as ready as she's going to be for this new adventure and Mommy's ready (well maybe not READY) to see her little baby experience all that is headed her way in the coming months.

Tomorrow at 2pm is Kylie's scheduled time for us to head to room #127 to see her classroom, meet her new teacher Mrs. Porter, organize her supplies and get settled as much as we can in an hour!

We wish you the best of times in learning, making new friends and growing in the coming months of kindergarten Kylie! Let your star shine bright!

Kylie with the goody bag cousin Paige dropped off for her tonight. Thanks Paige! You made Kylie's special day tomorrow that much more special :).


embucz said...

Good Luck on your first day Kylie!

Love, Grandma

Ty's Mommy said...

Good luck, Kylie! We are so proud of you! Have a great day and pick a perfect desk! Can't wait to see the pictures!