Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello Old Friend

Dear The Zerbes Zone:

My sincerest apologies for neglecting you this past month since I have returned to work...lack of spare time and sheer exhaustion from our new schedule have kept me from updating you as much as I would have liked to. To bring you up to speed, here are some photos of your favorite subjects and what they have been up to during the recent weeks. Promise to check back in soon my old friend!

Mommy Zerbes

Kylie's project for the 100th Day of School museum this month for her kindergarten class. With a little help from Mommy and Grandma, this bouquet of 100 "flowers" was a big hit and was a great reflection of Kylie's sunny personality!

The finished product on the Eve of Kylie's Valentine's Day party at school. She did such a great job handwriting each and every valentine for her classmates and teacher (and only took 1 break!). Mommy was just the candy attacher this year for Kylie but both the scribe and candy attacher for Peyton :).

Kylie representing Germany at International Fest 2010 with all of the Girl Scout troops from her school. Here she is with her friend Rachael (representing France) and her friend Paige (representing Spain) from Daisy Troop 526.

Kylie having a cookie dough snack on her day home sick from school this past week with the newest additions to our family- 6 Zhu Zhu pets!

Who needs clothes to cook up a tasty feast? Peyton just needs a hat from her collection and WA-LA.! Dinner is served!

This picture was taken after Kylie came downstairs this morning fully dressed, all by herself for the very first time! The cutest thing of all is that each item Kylie chose to wear is her favorite of each type! So although just a tad mismatched in my opinion :), I was a very proud Mommy out doing errands together today!

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Ty's Mommy said...

This week we had Kg registration for next year and the art projects on distplay in the halls were the 100th day artwork by the kids! I will have to remember your, though! Thanks for bringing me up to speed on my friends in Il, I can only imagine how busy y'all are! Hope things are going well!