Sunday, March 28, 2010

It strikes again!

Poor Kylie had to be picked up from school on Friday with a fever. After not seeming herself all week this didn't come as too much of a surprise to me. But what came next certainly did! The doctor sent Kylie and Daddy off to the ER to be evaluated further for what was thought to possibly be apendicitis. I rushed over to the hospital to meet them there and after a very scary evening of yet another strep test, an iv, blood work and a cat scan, we were sent home with a double dose of antibiotic for another pesky case of strep throat. We were very relieved that there wasn't an emergency surgery in Kylie's immediate future but it was also a bit frustrating to learn that step throat was her diagnosis for the third time in recent months.

Kylie was such a trooper and even wanted to pose for pictures on our way out of the ER?! She must want to add those to the scrapbook of "Things I did to scare my Mommy half to death" :). Hopefully we're out of the woods a bit from this awful bug, but only time will tell. At least we'll keep our fingers crossed for several months of healthy times before something strikes again!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
OMG 1st time on your blog. Kiley did look a bit under the weather.
I had a great time with your mom!!!
but not enough time together. I loved the Easter pixs also.
Sally Cooper Loving Florida!!!