Monday, April 5, 2010

PJ Day- Take 2

Since PJ Day (round 1) at Brooks was cut short for Kylie as it was the day she was sick and had to be picked up from school a few weeks ago, she was very excited to be able to participate in PJ Day last Monday at Adventures in Learning. Since it was Spring Break and a lot of kids needed to spend the week at the daycare, the teachers were so great in planning a different theme or activity for each day. Kylie had a lot of fun being able to wear her pj's to school, bring "whale" (who is really a dolphin :)!) as her stuffed animal and enjoy popcorn and a movie to kick off Spring Break week on Monday!

Although Kylie was able to not have to go to the center on Wed and Fri, she begged us to go on Thursday for the Easter party. She was very excited to bring the Easter plates, napkins & cups we signed up to bring, have an Easter egg hunt and enjoy lots of tasty goodies with her friends. So adding in a fun day on Tuesday doing exactly what at the center I can't recall :0, a day home with Daddy on Wednesday and heading off for our weekend family getaway on Friday, I think Kylie would give a thumbs up to her 1st "official" Spring Break!

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