Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Chloe!

Today was a very fun day for Kylie and Chloe. It was Chloe's (daughter of our neighbors and Kylie's good little friend) 4th birthday and she was able to choose one friend to take to her Pooch Parlor Birthday Party at Club Libby Lu at the mall. Well, that friend was Kylie and the 2 girls couldn't have been more excited together as we headed off to the mall this morning!

First on the agenda was to get changed into pretty little dresses so nothing got on their own clothing. Then after getting their fingernails painted and sparkled, lips glossed and eyes shadowed, it was time for hair. As most of you know, Kylie doesn't do hair (AT ALL) so I thought we were really in trouble. But low and behold one of the hairdo choices was "Hannah Montana" which Kylie quickly picked and that one was the Hannah Montana wig- no twisting, spraying or yanking of real hair required :)!

The girls also got to choose an accessory (Kylie a rhinestone studded microphone and Chloe a set of earphones) as well as a stuffed animal complete with outfit, collar and carrying bag of their choice! They were quite the "Rockstars" (as Kylie told me) when all was said and done :). Once all finished with their makeovers, they played "Pass the Pooch" and did the Birthday Dance!

Here are some pictures and videos of the girls having an absolute blast getting their Libby Lu makeovers for Chole's 4th Birthday! And I think Chloe's Mommy and I had more fun watching our little princesses than we could have ever imagined!

Happy Birthday Chloe and thanks for inviting us to share in your fun day!

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Ty's Mommy said...

Those videos are awesome! What a fun day!