Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone had a great Halloween and had their fill of sugar! Here are some pictures of all of our fun (although a bit out of sequence!)...

Peyton surveying her stash when we returned from trick or treating!

Peyton enjoying her warm and sunny 1st Halloween!

The neighborhood gang stopping for a quick pose!

Peyton was very successful in getting quite the loot too - even though she can't eat it yet!

Kylie as Barbie the Russian Princess. She was so excited to finally wear her costume! We bought it over a month ago and it was the first and only costume she had eyes for this year! I got this picture of Kylie outside before we left for school- what a beautiful princess for SO early in the morning :)!

Our gang as we were about to venture off to do our trick or treating- yes, that's Daddy in his scary jester outfit, his good ol' costume to fall back on!

Kylie and I in the foyer at school- yes it's dark as night outside and no I can't believe we were successful in getting everything together that we needed to for all of the Halloween festivities of the day :)! I also had to dress up for my company's annual Halloween potluck so I went as a Tavern Girl (aka Beer Wench per Daddy!)

Another house, another pack of Skittles!

Peyton on Halloween morning before school. She actually didn't mind her little princess outfit and loved her magic wand of course as she has been groomed by Big Sis on that one :)!

The annual picture of "The Stash"!

Grandma B. joined us for Halloween as well and here she is with Peyton who was very happy with the last treat she was given in her bag- a pumpkin straw!

Here's the one picture I captured of Princess Spike. So much for those cute dog costumes you see everywhere now- what a joke! In a matter of minutes, Spike's fairy princess hat and skirt were destroyed!

This guy was the main attraction of the night! Instead of sharing just a photo I thought I'd post the video of him in action! I think Kylie would volunteer to be his partner any day!

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