Sunday, October 19, 2008

A bowling break

To give his brain a bit of a break from work work and school work this weekend, Daddy wanted to take Kylie for a game of bowling this morning. So off we went and here are some shots I captured of our "team"! The added bonus for Kylie was it was Cosmic bowling time- bowling plus rainbow lights, Hannah Montana music and everything GLOWING!

On a sidenote, I think I got my personal high today, 150, thanks to the bumpers we put up for Kylie :)! Kylie did great with a 75 and Daddy got a 200 of course!!

I'm up!

Peyton had a front row seat with concessions and all!

This looks like a good one!

Anyone need a drink? I had to capture this shot of Peyton with the drink menu Daddy gave her to play with as we were finishing up our game. Picture was taken BEFORE she jabbed the plastic corner of it into her eye :(!

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