Saturday, October 11, 2008

To all The Zerbes Zone fans

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the lack of posts over the past few weeks. The lack of subject matter isn't the issue it's just the lack of hours in the day!

New job is going as well as can be expected for the first 2 weeks. Very long days starting out of the gate but hopefully I can get into a routine and schedule myself to be closer to home on some days. At 6:30am you'll see a big white blur flying out of our driveway- it's just the girls and I heading to school. Once everyone is settled there it's off to work I go- about a 15 mile straight shot north. By 8:00am I'm in my office, coffee flowing, as ready as I'm going to be to get started! Since it's a very sales oriented position I have to wear a suit and heels every day which has been interesting getting used to again since most companies have moved quite a bit away from that. It definitely puts you in the mindset that you're at work!

Daddy picks the girls up around 5:00 and does a great job tending to Spike once they arrive home as well as getting dinner for everyone (and usually baths too!). I get home by 7:00 to absorb as many hugs and kisses for the day as I can and do all of the bedtime rituals. Needless to say, at that point Daddy and I wish we could turn in as well but of course there's things to catch up with, etc., as well as grab some dinner ourselves!

As crazy as it is, it feels good to get back into the routine as we know it. Kylie is doing wonderfully at school. Although she has a good grasp on writing all of the alphabet letters, her class works on a letter each week. They are up to the letter D and Kylie does a great job identifying things that start with the letter of the week, doing lots of art projects around that letter and practicing it over and over again on that paper we all know and love with the solid line and dotted line for the upper/lower case versions of the letter. She is also learning sign language again, and continues to enjoy her spanish, music and ballet & tap classes. Peyton is doing better each day getting familiar with her school and teachers again and also has music and spanish class- yes you read right :).

Daddy also has class on Monday nights so although it's made me have a good idea of what an Indy racecar driver must feel like, so far so good with making the swap of the little ones so Daddy can get into class on time. Thanks for everything you have done Daddy since I've gone back to work. You have always been a very hands on Daddy and helpful with absolutely everything but I know how hard it's been keeping everything going. We'll figure it out :)!

So that's about it for now. Hope all is well with all of you. Don't you fear, we won't forget about you. We'll make sure to continue posting pictures and sharing our life's little moments with you.

Happy Fall!

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