Saturday, October 11, 2008

A-1 Farmstand 2008

This morning we went to a local pumpkin patch: A-1 Farmstand. We had taken Kylie to the same one a few years ago. Kylie had already gone on a field trip last week (to the same farm I went along with her to last fall with her prior school when I was quite pregnant!) but we wanted to take both of the girls today too because it's such a fun thing to do each fall!

It was a great time! The girls loved all of the animals and activities that were there. Here are some pictures from the day as well as some pictures back from when we took Kylie in 2006!

Kylie's face painting- a pretty PINK flower!

One of the three little piggies- and did you know pigs eat pumpkins - well at least these 3 did!

The roosters were a big hit with both girls- and Kylie held her own with these guys making her signature rooster sound!

All of the goats fighting for the dixie cup of food Kylie poured in for them

Peyton in front of the A-1 Farmstand "growth chart"

Kylie seeing how she measured up this year

10/8/06- Kylie was even a little daredevil back then- but Daddy was up in the wings if needed

Today she was on her own and even doing tricks on the way down to entertain Peyton

Kylie riding the Sweet Corn Express Trolley in the gift shop

The first pose of the morning

Kylie ready to master another bouncy slide in Camelot's Castle

10/8/06 - But we need one more head in here...

Today- and here she is!

10/8/06- How adorable!

Today- I didn't capture such a calm pose this time around!

Daddy trying to hold Peyton back from attempting the huge bouncy slide herself!

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Ty's Mommy said...

What great pictures! I loved seeing the ones of Kylie 2 years ago and now-- she is so big! It looked like a beautiful day, too!

About your last post-- I can not believe how crazy life is-- the things that we do, the sacrifices we make, it is nuts! Kudos to you and Pete for working so hard!