Saturday, October 18, 2008

More fall fun!

Grandma and Papa B. arrived last night to spend the day with us today. Unfortunately apart from some things he had to finish for work, Daddy also had to complete a 8 page paper for class on Monday so he wasn't able to share in much of our fun today. After doing a few errands we went out to lunch and then headed out to where I now work. It's a nice drive and I also knew that there was an awesome pumpkin farm practically next door to my office that we could visit- Goebbert's Pumpkin & Farm Market.

We treated Kylie to a pony ride which is the best surprise she could ever wish for these days, we all went on a hayride, the girls got to play in all of the pumpkins and little play areas and we topped off the visit by enjoying a ghost cookie, a Halloween brownie, kettle corn and apple cider. It doesn't get any better than that on a sunny October afternoon!

The best part of all of today was on the drive back home when Kylie said the pumpkin farm was the best place ever and thanked me so much for taking her there. I don't think much can make me feel better than knowing we truly make the time we spend together so special. So on that note, Happy Sweetest Day to all of our friends and loved ones!

Kylie riding "Fluffy" the pony- Kylie was sure to name her within minutes of meeting her!

Who needs a well architectured playland? Just toss a bunch of pumpkins in the grass and let the fun begin!

Peyton having a great time watching the pony rides- but secretly wishing she could hop on one too! It was good to see her smile because she's had a very rough, fever filled week of cutting her second top tooth!

The girls and I on the "wagon" ride (no longer complete with mounds of loose hay in consideration of allergies I was told!)

Snack time- look at Peyton in this one- what a ham! She is all smiles when food is involved :)!

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