Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP King of Pop

Usually my posts center around our family's happenings but tonight I feel the need to write about an event that happened today. An event in pop culture that is catching me a bit off guard as for the feelings it's stirring up for me.

Michael Jackson has died. The King of Pop has died. At only age 50.

There are only a handful of artists that have truly created a memory or have made an impact in my life. Michael Jackson was definitely one of those people. Thriller was my first tape, my first music video for that matter. I clearly remember roller skating to the song and video YEARS ago with my cousins in Cleveland. I remember all of his tv commercials and concerts. Who doesn't make the connection between him and Pepsi even to this day? Who doesn't know the words to almost every song he wrote? Who doesn't remember any event that involved him- good or bad, strange or humanitarian? He was a complex soul that we loved at times, hated at times and sometimes just plain didn't understand.

Today, on the day of his passing, I reflect on the positive memories and contributions he made during my lifetime. I'm feeling old. Life is short. Make it matter!

RIP King of Pop.

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