Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stonebridge Sandlot 2009

Saturday wrapped up the 2009 t-ball season. After no games the past 2 weeks (a rainout and being in MC) the Light Blues met up with the Yellows for the second time this season for the final game. It was a great game, group and solo photos were taken and there was the annual trophy ceremony complete with drinks and cool baseball cupcakes. We supplied the Laffy Taffy which no t-ball season should be without!

Great season Kylie! We're very proud of you for completing 2 summers of t-ball with great listening and sportsmanship! We'll see what next year has in store since this league was only for 4 & 5 yr olds. Mommy feels a drama or dance camp in the near future but we'll see!

One of Kylie's final at bats

"Safe" on first

Peyton with her little puppy pal that she was determined to hang out with for most of the game

Fielding at it's best (in a skirt- ha ha!)

Peyton and Daddy the Birthday Boy

Group picture after the game- Go Light Blues!

Kylie being presented with her trophy


Peyton cashing in on the perks of another successful season with big sis


Mommy KW said...

Hi Lisa! I found your blog a while back through Jennifer's. Your girls are beautiful! It is so funny reading about their antics because they remind me so much of my own girls. :) Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer. It looks like you are staying really busy!


Lisa said...

Hi Kelly! How funny- I've been reading your blog too (found thru Jennifer's too!) and omg you are definitely in the world of 2 little princesses also :)! Adorable. We would be in for it if we got those 4 together!! Take care-