Monday, July 6, 2009

Now that's a 3 day weekend!

With Daddy off for the July 4th holiday on Friday, our weekend could begin! After working tirelessly on the deck all day Daddy joined in the fun from dinnertime on! With Bass in hand Daddy grilled up the steak and bbq chicken kabobs cousin Paige had brought from her store and then it was time for he and Kylie to head off to the neighborhood fireworks. After essentially crashing the country club's 4th of July party :), they were front and center on the 18th hole ready to take in the show! After the fireworks and a quick bike ride home, Daddy & Kylie were both ready for some zzzs.

Saturday was a cloudy, cool, rainy and pretty typical 4th. We headed off to Legoland in Schaumberg for a few hours in the afternoon as Daddy wasn't with us when we went once last summer. There were a few new things this time around and the girls of course had fun playing in all of the different areas. Surprisingly a few hours after returning home, the skies cleared and the sun came out.

Since Kylie had such a fun time Friday night seeing the fireworks, I decided she and I would go to the Naperville fireworks at Ribfest. Daddy stayed home with Peyton this time (who slept from our return from Legoland until Sun morning!!). Kylie and I had a fun girls night out sampling some fare at the fest and enjoying the awesome fireworks show. After almost a 45 min stroller walk back to where we had parked we were both more than ready to call it a day :)!

Sunday was a sunny 80 degrees so we took the girls to one of the local outdoor park district water parks- Splash Country. It was a great place with lots of different water areas perfect for Peyton's age, Kylie's age and even Mommy & Daddy! We slid, tubed and splashed for about 3 hours before calling it an afternoon. Then it was back to the grill to throw on some chicken, brats and dogs. Paige was home from work so we all wrapped up the holiday weekend together by enjoying a great dinner of the grill items, fruit salad, potato salad and good old apple pie!

Whew! I think we better rest up for next year :)!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend too!

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