Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One princess down, One to get ready for kindergarten!

Peyton returned to Michigan City with Grandma and Papa last Friday so we could have a bit of one on one time with Kylie and get things done before the "Big K" starts in a few weeks. THANK YOU Grandma for all of your time with Peyton! We were able to get so much taken care of and a lot easier too with only one princess to manage!

We checked lots of things off of our "pre-kindergarten" to do list and had some fun too. Kylie is now armed with a Disney Princess backpack, Barbie lunch "purse", all of the school supplies on "the list" and back to school clothes and shoes (including bright pink Converse tennies!). Most importantly, all of the eye/teeth/physical exams are all done and signed off on!

Yesterday we attended a kindergarten picnic/playdate at our neighborhood park organized by one of the moms for the kids to be able to meet each other before the start of the school year. A bit shy at first, Kylie joined in playing with the 4 other girls in no time forming a "no boys allowed" team! The remaining 30 kids were all boys! There are 5 kindergarten classes this year at the school Kylie will be attending, so odds are there will be at least a few more girls to join their team :).

Kylie had lots of fun with a little girl named Nikki who lives only 3 houses from the park and would be a perfect playdate. Nikki's mom and I hit it off too and she also has an 18 month old little guy that would be a great playmate for Peyton. Hopefully they will be in the same class and this could be the start of a great friendship for Kylie!

Although we had a fun and busy week of shopping, playing and just being together, I've missed little Peyton and will be so happy to see her tomorrow and have her join back in the fun with us! It's just not the right level of chaos in the castle if there's only one little princess to keep track of!

Heading to the park for the Brooks Kindergarten Picnic

Enjoying an ice cream break from shopping- cotton candy flavor topped with gummy bears!

Having fun on the "Fun Bus" ride at the outlet mall!

Having lunch after the eye dr. at Kylie's favorite restaurant- Sweet Tomatoes!

Kylie all smiles after a successful "take 2" of the eye exam required for school! She even got cool stickers to show for it!

Ready to see G Force on Sunday afternoon with Mommy and Daddy- something we definitely can't do as a family yet!

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