Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Operation P.T.P!

Today marked another exciting milestone for our not so little Peyton anymore. As I have recently started thinking about her 2nd birthday plans for next month, I also started mentally going down "the list" of what we should be working on with her at this stage. With Kylie it was a whole different ballgame because she was at daycare all day every day during the week. I'm fortunate now with Peyton to be able to play a more active part in things that we're home ALL day, EVERY day, ALONE, TOGETHER :)!

Today was the official launch of Operation P.T.P aka Potty Training Peyton! At the end of last month I put the little potty out after noticing that Peyton was very "present" when each of us were in the restroom. She really seemed to get it. Hadn't done much with her for a week or so- until today. She jumped off our bed while I was trying to get her dressed this morning and was wandering around in our bathroom without a diaper. She sat on her potty a few times, flushed it to hear the song it plays and I didn't really notice much of anything else after that. Until later in the afternoon. I saw Peyton peeking in her potty and then I noticed a bit of a smell. Sure enough- there it was- she had used her potty in the morning for the very 1st time!

YAY PEYTON! You're a bright little girl that we know will get the hang of this potty thing in no time! It'll just take a little bit of extra patience, a few extra rolls of tp, some extra time hanging out in a place not so great to hang out in and lots of applause! We're excited to teach you just another important piece of this journey called life :)!

Photos taken 9/25/09:

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Mark said...

Way to go Peyton!! Woo Woo!!