Saturday, October 31, 2009

Drawing, Sawing, Pounding, Carving!

Pumpkins, that is!

We haven't seemed to carve pumpkins in a few years with the girls so little, but we got back to it this year as a part of our pre-Halloween festivities last night. Apart from munching on Halloween fare here and there, we were all very hard at work on our creations!

From Daddy needing more power for his, Mommy not even being able to carve a straight line, Kylie pounding light pegs into hers with a mallet, Paige most interested in the yummy seeds around the corner and Grandma providing us with the laughs, we were QUITE the group!

Here we are in all of our carving glory!

1 comment:

Ty's Mommy said...

I am not sure about seeing Pete hold all those tools... you really tust him with those? ;) Is he going for a self-portrait pumpkin?

Great idea for using the tools and decorating them other than with a knife! I love making jack-o-lanterns, but using a big knife for that long really kind of scares me!