Saturday, January 10, 2009

Does anyone have that bubble for Peyton?

Poor Peyton is having a rough time of it this week :(!

The week she was in for kicked off last Sunday night right before bed. As with most accidents it happened in a split second, appeared to be worse than it really was, and then Mommy & Daddy were left thinking about how bad it could've been for the next several days. Short version, Kylie set Peyton down on the carpet (unfortunately too close to the stairs going upstairs), Peyton turned, lost her balance and then SMACK- forehead right into the stairway oak trim. No broken skin, just a nice shiner that with lots of ice and pressure from Daddy is as good as it's going to be after such a crash!

'Tis the season for colds and flu and Peyton's buddies at daycare are no exception. Hacking coughs, runny noses, the whole enchilada. So far Peyton has avoided coming down with a lot of something, but sometimes even just a little of something is bad enough. With more teeth coming in and a small cold, this is how she has felt all week :(!

Mommy & Daddy will do our best to keep you boo boo free as much as possible this week little one!


Ariane Neuhaus said...

You can almost feel his joy, with that green eatable ink all over! :) I like your blog, and your kids pictures too. I'm just sorry that, maybe cause i'm using firefox browser, ur background took a long time to load. That may be a problem for people with old computers or slow internet. Well, i wish u good luck with ur family, specially the kids.^^
Kisses from Brazil!

Becky said...

Awe.....poor Peyton. She makes me so sad that she's teething. Jack got a good shiner a month or so falling down some of the basement steps. Same thing, no bleeding, but the biggest shiner to date. This is for Peyton...m-waa.

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