Monday, January 12, 2009

A weekend of snow

I feel like this post is pretty generic considering it's January in Chicagoland, but getting over a foot of snow in a day or 2 somehow still feels newsworthy!

Kylie was able to play outside a bit on both days this weekend (for the first time this year) and of course had an absolute blast! We had Peyton's snow gear all ready to go too but unfortunately she and Mr. Fever only got at the action through the window :(.

An impromptu tubing session with the neighbors on Saturday afternoon

Daddy's official measurement taken from the top of his car on Sunday morning

Kylie helping Daddy dig out the "silver rocket"

Daddy and Kylie hard at work on Sunday morning clearing off the deck

Kylie discovering it's more fun to throw snow on Daddy than work on the deck

Daddy's revenge- but no fair- Daddy had a much bigger shovel

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