Sunday, January 18, 2009

The only "do" we do!

As most of you know, putting things in her hair is something Kylie couldn't care less about! I get the occasional headband or barette in there but that's about it - and that's usually only on picture days or holidays!

All signs point to Peyton being a bit easier to manage when it comes to hair. The one fact being she actually has quite a bit already and the other is that she hasn't let out any blood curdling screams when Mommy even just tries to comb it!

Yesterday was the first time I attempted to put a rubberband in and...SUCCESS! Of course she tried to feel what was up there, but no tears, and after a few minutes she forgot all about it.

Thought I would share a picture of Peyton's "do" that is about the only "do" we do when they're this age! Also found a picture of Kylie sporting the same. It's almost the same time of the year but Kylie's was taken when she was almost twice Peyton's age (almost age 2)! Another thing in common with the photos is that both subjects appear to be snacking- surprise, surprise :)!

Peyton, January 2009

Kylie, February 2006