Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Little Reader!

Wow has Kylie learned a lot in these first months of Kindergarten! The things we are most impressed with are her reading and writing. This past week we were settling down to read her "If you Give a Moose a Muffin" before bed when Kylie asked if she could read it to us instead! "Ok....if you say so" was kinda the look she got from Mommy & Daddy! But she proceeded to read the entire book to us without hesitation, minus maybe 5-10 words!! Pete and I were speechless. I mean we know Kylie catches on really quickly to things and she has known her numbers and alphabet for years already (in English & Spanish!) but to watch her read us a book from start to end was amazing. One of those really special moments as a parent you'll never forget.

This week Kylie brought home a book tote along with her normal items. Inside there was a note from Mrs. Porter, 2 small books and a long form to fill out. We're to have Kylie read the books to us several times over 3-4 days and then return them in her tote for 2 new ones. And we also have to sign off each time that we are doing this- feels a little bit like homework has begun!!

So here is Kylie reading the first 2 of many books she will master as a Kindergartener- and these were much much easier than the one she read to us ;)!

Great Reading Kylie!!

(apologies on the video- not sure why it's so dark & quiet b/c it sure wasn't at the time!)

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