Monday, November 16, 2009

Peyton's 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Peyton and Elmo! Although Elmo has 38 years on her, Peyton has had a fantastic time celebrating her second birthday "Elmo style"!

We were joined by family, friends & neighbors for Peyton's Elmo party on Saturday. Birthday fare included a variety of appetizers including the oh so popular homemade BLT dip, bagel dogs, italian beef, potato salad and LOTS of sweets! An Elmo cupcake tree, ice cream cups, cookies, candy...I better stop there before Dr. Sam (our family dentist) gets wind of this post :).

And of course we played lots of party games: Pin the nose on Elmo, Where's Elmo's Dorothy?, and last but not least an Elmo pinata filled with candy and toys! Everyone had a great time playing and winning "valuable" prizes :). We then opened all of the wonderful gifts Peyton received that ranged from special books & adorable outfits to Elmo toys and her very own talking vaccum!

Today, on Peyton's actual birthday, we took Kylie to school and then went to the community center so Mommy could return some books & dvds to the library and Peyton could play with some of her buddies in the childcare room. Once it was made known that it was Peyton's birthday today, everyone sang Happy Birthday to her which she loved! She even did a little birthday dance as they sang!

This afternoon we went to Toys R Us for her birthday club goodies and instead of a toy Peyton chose one of her all time favorite things to play with- an umbrella, a Tinkerbell umbrella! Then it was off to meet Daddy & Paige at McDonalds Playland for a fun night to cap off a fun birthday day! After everyone ate, we had cake & ice cream that Mommy had brought and Peyton opened one last b-day gift: a Tinkerbell teapot filled to the brim with plates, spoons, pots and cups. For all of you that know Peyton, these days she couldn't be happier than when she's having tea parties or cooking in her kitchen with LOTS of water!

As expected after such a fun filled day and not wanting anything to do with a nap, the birthday girl fell fast asleep on our way home!

Happy 2nd Birthday Peyton! We are so blessed to have you healthy and to have your little smile and laughter to brighten our days! It is so exciting watching you grow and learn more each day and Mommy, Daddy & Sissy are looking forward to all of the adventures to come in the next 365 days until your 3rd birthday :)!

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