Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A First at 5

As Kylie is now 5, her "firsts" have become less frequent of course since all of her early "firsts". As I've mentioned before, hair is not Kylie's thing- nor Mommy's for that matter! When you have fine hair as we do that's prone to getting lots of knots, you tend to run when you see a comb coming- and that's what Kylie has done for as long as she has had her blond locks!

Until this week. And the following pictures are proof. Yay Kylie! Maybe it was the hot pink color, or the cool flower attached to the rubberband, but we did it- Kylie loved her hair up and out of her face. Apart from the occassional barette or headband in for a limited amount of time, this is a First! She has even asked to have her "ponytail" put in! I'm slowly but surely learning which battles to choose on this journey called parenthood, because some things are just going to click when the timing is right and aren't worth pushing when there really isn't a true reason to.

It looks like our project of growing Kylie's "Hannah Montana" hair is still on- and it's looking more adorable by the inch :)! We love you Kylie- long hair, short hair, no hair- you're a very sweet girl on the inside and out!

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