Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Belated B-day Uncle Mark!

Since Mommy was so sick and out of it on the 9th, we didn't get to send you a Happy Birthday post! We know you had a great birthday so our wish for you came true! Here are the pictures of Connor with the girls from Kylie's birthday weekend - the pictures that I've been trying to get together for you for almost a month now!

The pictures posted here are a bit backwards as far as the weekend went but those taken at the house are from the birthday party, outside shots are of our trip to the park after the party and the others are from our trip to Odyssey Fun World the following day.

Apologies for the pink crown and beads- Connor was a good sport- ha ha! Enjoy!

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Mark said...

Great pictures! Sorry I missed the Pony Bash! :)