Friday, May 15, 2009

Shoe love

I had to post a picture of the summer sandals Kylie got this morning. She pretty much lives in her Crocs as soon as it's warm enough to, but she really wanted a pair of dressy sandals as well so today she picked out these. They are the WalMart brand so we haven't broken the bank yet but we should recognize the "habit" forming already :)!

When we were at the store this morning just passing through the shoe aisle it brought me back to visits to DSW several years ago. Kylie had practically just started walking and she would go straight toward the brightest, highest heels she could find to "try on". She LOVED shoe stores (or maybe it was the dozens of open boxes at her level to peek in and choose things from)! If I had more time right now I'd dig up the picture I remember of her and Grandma B. striking a pose in the store. Since she is about a size 11 now, I'm seeing more big girl styles peeking through in the choices for her. At this rate, she'll be eyeing yellow, glitter stilletos at age 10!

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