Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas was a magical time for us this year! After the events of the last several months, the wonder, joy and excitement in the girls was not only priceless but contagious! We kicked off Christmas Day at 4AM (yes you read that correctly!), attempted to make it through 9:00 mass :), and then headed to Michigan City to have Christmas at Grandma & Papa's, spend a few days there with Uncle Mark & Connor too and then celebrate today at Oma's house.

Instead of typing away as I often do :), I'll let some pictures from our holiday celebrations speak for themselves!


Kylie sporting her new Hannah Montana hat in front of her #1 request to Santa- the Sleeping Beauty WALKING horse

Peyton getting a closer look at her musical activity table from Santa

A quick pose before heading to church

Peyton during one of her "calmer" moments at mass

Kylie opening gifts at Grandma & Papa's house

Daddy helping Peyton see what awaits inside her next gift at Grandma & Papa's house

Kylie and Connor - just a little happy to see each other again :)
Kylie with more prized possessions from Santa Grandma & Papa- the Barbie as the Diamond Castle gifts she had really wanted


Daddy and Peyton starting to open the gifts from Santa Oma & John

Kylie in front of Oma's tree

Kylie and Peyton having fun after lunch with Oma's Christmas train

This photo of Peyton on the drive home sums up the end of our Christmas travels- a lot of fun but we're pooped :)!
Happy Holidays!

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