Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the week before Christmas...

Merry Christmas Eve!

Here are some pictures of our week leading up to the BIG event tomorrow morning!

Watching some tv after baths tonight

Spike with visions of sugar plums dancing in his head tonight

Peyton opening up her birthday gift from her godmother Becky over the weekend that Grandma & Papa brought with them. Thanks Becky- I LOVE all of the toys!

Kylie with some of the finished product over the weekend- great job on the cookies Kylie & Grandma!

Grandma & Kylie hard at work making Christmas cookies over the weekend

A very decorated Peyton opening one gift on Monday night when we gave Daddy his Christmas presents

Kylie posing in the one gift she opened on Monday night- a Barbie wedding veil and shoes. Wow does this picture make me think about 20 years from now!

Kylie opening her one gift on Monday night

Peyton having fun with her food today home with Daddy (Easy Cheese works great if you want to stick something to your head :)!

The view from our front window today- we're pretty buried at this point but I think the snow as finally stopped...for now. It's definitely going to be a White Christmas this year!

Kylie's drawing of Frosty to also leave out for Santa tonight- she insists that there are only 2 snowballs that make him up!

Daddy & Peyton tonight on Christmas Eve

The 2 pager for Santa and his chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk- Kylie had a very specific order for Santa this year!

Composing the letter to the "big guy" tonight

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