Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December!

Thought I'd share this picture of our Christmas tree that we put up over the weekend on this first day of December even though unfortunately the day brought us much less than Christmas cheer!

1) Peyton up for most of the night with a 100.4 fever this morning giving both Mommy and Daddy panic attacks due to the recent events with her health

2) The first real snowfall for us which equaled a 2 hour morning commute for Mommy

3) An awful (or maybe comical to some) scene of me brushing and scraping the snow and ice off of my Jeep in 3 inch heels and a suit in the middle of blowing snow at 6am- the grand finale was me falling on my back in the snow as I gave up on the scraping and was trying to get in the car!

4) An extra chaotic Monday morning for Daddy with Kylie's ballet and tap today instead of tomorrow which added just a few more items to bring into school along with the 4 bags and 2 kids Daddy typically carries in on Monday mornings

4) Kylie's trip to the ER- Daddy left work early, Mommy left work early, Daddy late for class- but of course the most important part was that Kylie is OK!

Hopefully the second day of December will give us an easier time tomorrow!


Mark said...

Never a dull moment with the Zerbes family!!

Ty's Mommy said...

Really! Do you guys have a vaction planned for the next few months? You have really earned it! I am glad that your latest trip to the ER was less eventful, but still stressful! Please stay well and enjoy this weekend safely!