Sunday, December 14, 2008

The torch has been passed

My old college pals out there know exactly what I'm talking about when I say the Steak n Shake torch has officially been passed to my girls! We went there for lunch today and both of them couldn't have had a better time- I almost had to pinch myself that we were actually still in a restaurant with them when we were about finished! That is until Kylie had an outburst in the middle of the place as we were packing up :)!

Please note the side of ranch dressing that Kylie has to compliment her fried cuisine- she is definitely on the path to success!

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Ty's Mommy said...

The ONLY problem I see with those pictures is that it is still daylight outside and NOT the middle of the night! I am so jealous that you all got to go out and have Steak N Shake! I would kill for some cheese fries and a milkshake right now! Way to go Kylie! (Will she eat ranch with anything else? Fritos, perhaps?)