Saturday, December 13, 2008

A holiday event in the Windy City

This morning was my company's 3rd annual holiday event downtown- and it was a big success! Robert Half International in Chicagoland as a whole was able to collect over 2500 toys between employees and clients and today was the party where we presented all of them to kids of the Boys & Girls Club at the Union League Club in Chicago.

Daddy and Peyton took Kylie and I to the train station and our adventure began! After an hour on the train followed by a quick cab ride, we had made our way to the event. It was nice for me to meet people from other branch offices in the area and everyone loved meeting Kylie- she was quite a hit, no surprise :)! There was a continental breakfast, face painting and several art stations where all of the kids could color and make holiday art projects.

But best of all was when each of the kids from the Boys & Girls Club was given a bag of toys- they looked so happy! It was the type of event that makes you remember what the season is truly about and regardless of how hard times are, how fortunate we still are in many, many ways. It was also a great experience for Kylie. It was tough (as expected) explaining over and over why most of the other kids were leaving with a big bag of toys, but I think she really understood things by the time we were ready to leave and was happy to have been able to come to the special party with Mommy.

Here are a few pictures of Kylie as we were leaving. The holiday decorations throughout the building were beautiful and Kylie especially loved the little gingerbread house in the lobby. I'm looking forward to being more involved in volunteering and contributing to the event next year and also having Daddy and Peyton join us!

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