Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Kylie's Party"

This is a familiar sight throughout our house these days! Since Kylie is learning to write and is able to spell a lot of words either how they are really spelled or how they sound to a kindergartener, she loves grabbing notepads and writing away! Sometimes she'll add drawings or her "autograph" to the pages but almost always she is writing out invites to "her party". We did actually attend one the other night in the playroom that consisted of reading stories and having cake in the play kitchen area that was all set up for the event (Christmas decorations and all!). But usually there are just lots of invites and signs with arrows directing us to "Kylie's Party" taped up on the walls.

Great writing and spelling Kylie! We're honored to be on the guest list for your parties and you are a wonderful little hostess!

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