Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping at the Snow Store!

This year marked the very first Brooks Snow Store at Kylie's school! We had a very similiar store at St. Stans where I went to grade school that was called Santa's Secret Shop. I still remember how fun it was each December to go to school with that little envelope all filled out with my list of people to shop for and with REAL money inside! Kylie shared that same excitement today. She went armed with $25, a list of 14 people to buy for and lots of shopping energy!

Daddy was a volunteer assigned to the coffee table in the Snow Time Cafe. Kylie was quickly whisked away by a 5th grade shopper helper to do her secret shopping which left Peyton and I between the hallway and the Snow Time Cafe b/c there was to be no peeking for Mommies & Daddies in the Snow Store!

Kylie did a fantastic job with everyone on her list, had all her gifts wrapped by the 5th grade students then had a seat with us in the cafe for a well deserved break of a juice box and muffin! She was so excited for us to open the presents she had gotten for us when we got home that we went ahead and opened them. Daddy got a fantastic blue DAD pen, Peyton got a Disney Princess coloring picture with markers, Sparkles got a pink rope toy & Mommy got a set of glitter nail files! Kylie is so thoughtful and pays attention to everything. Each gift she chose was just perfect for the person she bought it for!

So as for the rest of the friends & family that Kylie bought presents for, come on over, yours are waiting under the tree!

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