Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Party Fun

Kylie had a fantastic day on Friday! Not only was it the last day of school before a 2 week break, it was Winter Party day! As 1 of the 2 room moms for Kylie's class I knew it was going to be a great end to the week for the kids because we had planned so many fun things for them! We made a snowflake magnet for the craft, had milk and snowballs (powdered donut holes) for snack, played Jack Frost Freeze, Pin the Nose on Frosty, had a snowball fight (with balloons!) and read winter themed stories. Holiday music was playing all the while in the background to add to the "holly jollyness" of the day! Goodie bags were passed out at the end and didn't disappoint as they were filled with snowballs and snowman kisses (marshmallows & hershey kisses)!

I'm so glad all of the kids had such a fantastic time at their party. Happy Winter Break!

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