Sunday, July 27, 2008

Children of our own?!

A quick group shot before we headed back to Grandma's house

Here's a photo I never posted last week that was taken when my friend Becky and I were able to connect while we were both in Michigan City. Kylie and I were to spend the weekend there with Grandma and Papa on our way back from Louisville and were surprised by Daddy, Peyton and Spike having arrived there as well for the weekend!

Becky is my oldest and dearest friend, going WAY back to high school. She was my matron of honor as well as Peyton's godmother.

Allison, Jack and Kylie had so much fun playing together outside at Becky's parents' house. They enjoyed popsicles, played on the playset and had the most fun of all making a big mud mess with water from the hose :)! Little Peyton was an innocent bystander for the most part- except when she wanted to eat Mommy's popsicle!

It's still hard to grasp that we have children of our own now. I think back to all of the great memories we made together as "kids" ourselves and what fun and friendships our little ones have ahead of them!

Becky- it was great seeing you and the kids and I look forward to when we can meet up again- maybe in PA for some yummy Hersheys :)!

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