Monday, July 28, 2008

Look out Diego!

There's another animal rescuer on the block! Kylie has had the Diego rescue truck for years now but recently has started playing with it quite a bit. Part of the reason being is that she has acquired quite a collection of plastic animal toys that she loves to play with.

What's pictured here just amazed us last night. Kylie was playing very quietly alone for some time. When she called us over to see what she had been so busy doing, it almost brought tears to my eyes. She had grouped the animals into each type on a tray in the family room and had also put all of the "mommies" with their "babies". She had worked so hard doing that too - I just had to take a picture of course :)!

This reminded me again of what a special little girl she is- pays attention to the smallest details which she usually uses to later bring a smile to someone's face, sweet and caring. We're very anxious to see her continue to develop these wonderful traits and they make us so proud of what she already is.

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