Saturday, September 6, 2008

9 months and all is well!

Peyton had her 9 month check up at the doctor on Thursday and everything checked out just fine! She is 30" tall (98%!) and 19 lbs 5.5 ozs (52%). Developmentally she is more than right on track and it was confirmed again by the doc that she is a "very active" little one- not that we needed to hear that again :)!

Also, as shown in this photo, on Monday Peyton all of a sudden had a pretty nice cut on her index finger and developed some red swelling on her hand that later led to more red swollen spots up higher on her arm. Turns out she appears to have been bitten by something but will be ok- yuck. But at least my mind is at ease now that there are no broken bones or anything in her little hand! Between Spike running around, Kylie running around and Peyton TRYING to run around, we have to be very careful of such things these days!

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