Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A HOT time at Brookfield Zoo!

On Sunday we headed out for a day at Brookfield Zoo. It had occurred to me earlier in the week that somehow the whole summer had passed without a single trip to a zoo! Isn't that considered a type of neglect when you have little ones :)? Anyhow, as the king and queen of rain :), we had no complaints on the weather for the day with the temps in the mid-upper 90s (the car read 104 degrees as we were leaving the zoo!) and not a cloud in the sky!

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the day's events as well as both the animals that did brave the heat and the ones we found opting for a cooler retreat indoors! After our animal adventures, lots of sunshine, some cooling off under the water mists, our fill of yummy & sticky snacks and souvenirs for the road we were on our way! Thanks Brookfield Zoo- see you again next year!

The main attraction for Kylie of the day- the elephants!

Don't miss the little guy peeking around Mommy Giraffe- he was adorable!

We didn't dare attempt the sting rays with Kylie but this was a cute photo op!

A wild hog in the African forest exhibit. Lovingly referred to as Spike (our dog) by Daddy. What a mean thing to say about your BEST friend Daddy :)!

Indiana Peyton going through the ropes of one of the exhibits to see what she can find!

Daddy helping Kylie find what's lurking behind that window.

A sunning seal!

Peyton enjoying her favorite part of the day- lunch!

Here's a glimpse of the dolphin show we saw. Kylie LOVED all of the tricks the dolphins could do and Peyton was quite entertained by all of the movement and music!

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Ty's Mommy said...

OK, memo to myself: Plan a trip to the zoo! We did not make it there this summer, either. I don't thik it will happen this weekend, either, the rain is supposed to return! Bummer!

What great pictures-- I felt like I could reach out and touch the elephant!

Miss you all!