Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A morning at the laundromat

Unfortunately Mommy's come down with a yucky cold in the past few days. So although feeling pretty crummy right now, I wanted to share our adventures at the laundromat this morning with you...

Thanks to some smart persuading from Grandma B. who's here with us this week, our gang headed to a laundromat this morning. Instead of telling what led up to this unusual trip for us, let's just leave it at our 2 year old washing machine died last week and is still waiting to be revived!

I pulled into a laundromat that was on the way to where I had planned to go, which was a bit of a mistake but we survived (you'll note the newness and cleanliness of the location we visited in the pictures below?!)

But mission accomplished and we'll keep our fingers REALLY crossed for the speedy recovery of our own washer!

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