Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike be gone!

I felt like I had to dedicate at least one post to the latest events from Mr. Ike. The destruction and devestation that he has left on so many lives is one of Mother Nature's gifts I just can't understand. Please say a prayer for all of the folks so terribly affected by Ike.

Fortunately we only received LOTS of rain here for MANY days. But no complaints. A bit of sweeping outside, slowly but surely we are drying out and the sun has come out again. We had a beautiful, DRY, fall like day out today that was just about perfect.

Above picture was taken last Saturday through our back sliding glass door (hence the clarity of the photo :)!). Not only did the kiddie pool on the deck fill up, it overflowed just like all of the ponds, brooks and even grassy areas around. Surprised we didn't see any ducks waddling by, but even they probably took cover from the miserable conditions! I know the little flying ants did in our bedroom windows but that's another post all in itself- ugh...good night!

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