Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's official

After 4 different interviews it's official that I have a new job and I start on Monday! I will be an Account Manager for Robert Half International in their Marketing and Advertising Division- The Creative Group. The staffing industry and sales is a new arena for me but my marketing experience and laundry list of roles during my 7 years at BP should help me out at least a little!

Of course it's always a bit scary and uncertain when you start again somewhere with new responsibilities to learn and people to get to know. But I'm very excited to take on this new adventure and the little ones are ready to get back into the routine they know. The 3 months home together was definitely time well needed and well spent but it was also a bit foreign to us. As crazy as working long hours and juggling schedules may seem, it's what we know. The experiences we afford our little ones are priceless even during these young years as they learn and grow so quickly and along with my #1 job of being a Mommy I also need the challenge and stimulation that a professional career brings. It's all about trying to achieve that perfect balance- if such a thing does really exist?!

The plan is to use this week to get things in order and ready for Monday. The girls will return to Adventures In Learning where their teachers and friends can't wait for them to come back. Actually, Kylie headed back yesterday as she was so excited when we had stopped in on Monday to do all of the paperwork, etc. that I was up for the idea if she was! She had a wonderful first day back playing with her friends, having ballet & music class and working on the letter C in her lessons.

So it's little Peyton and Mommy for the next few days and if only Kylie could see what is going on at home with HER toys. When Kylie's away...Peyton will play :)! We won't tell if you won't!

Kylie with Daddy and Peyton ready for Mommy to bring her to school yesterday

Peyton ringing up her morning purchase today

Peyton cooking up something for Kylie when she comes home tonight

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