Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not a care in the world

Isn't that how you feel when on a swing?

Photos taken during our playdate with Chloe and Aiden this morning (the neighbors). The group came over around 9:00 and the plan was to have the girls play for a bit indoors and then venture out to a play area if some air was needed :). Well, as the pictures depict, some air was needed.

It started off with poor Kylie. Chloe just did not want to play in Kylie's room with her toys today. Rather, she just wanted to be by Mommy and eat snacks. This put Kylie into a MOOD as she couldn't understand why Chloe didn't want to play today when that's what she came over to do. Can you blame the poor thing? Then Peyton...there was WAY too much excitement in the house for her to even think about laying down for her morning nap, so after several attempts I threw in the towel on that one.

So then off we went, to our local community center with the library and play areas. We started outside and then the kids played inside. Peyton hung out with Mommy as we went through our email in the computer area and checked out some movies for her and big sis from the library.

There was just something not quite right in little Chloe's world today as the playdate ended on quite a sour note. You know how you have those days when the smallest anything will just make you beside yourself? Poor Chloe- today was that day. Kinda nice it wasn't Kylie for once though :)! Feel better Chloe- maybe we can all play outside this afternoon!

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